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Lincoln & Grant isn’t just a magazine and website.  Through our unique, proprietary technology, Lincoln and Grant will support, share, and elevate the voices of all our conservative allies in this fight, who are being silenced, suppressed, blocked, and banned by the liberal elites in Silicon Valley and the Mainstream Media. This technology is already up and running, and you’ll see it soon on sites like the Daily Caller, Daily Wire, and the Washington Times.

Any time you visit a website featuring the Lincoln & Grant network widget, you know that we’ve personally identified the included content as something you need to know about conservative politics, American politics, and Masculinity. Plus, we link each certified affiliate site together to help you discover and connect with more great content.

The Lincoln & Grant affiliate program is our way of recognizing those content creators who can provide the knowledge and advice for achieving a prosperous life and the American dream. As a network partner, we:

Promote your content across our network of certified content creators, increasing the organic traffic to your website

Provide you opportunities to participate in community-based revenue programs

Ensure that your content will always remain yours, and our priority will always be to drive readers to YOUR website

Will never charge you to be a part of the Lincoln & Grant network. Joining is completely free

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Partnership FAQs

First, promotion of your content to readers of related content has consistently led to an increase in site traffic. While most opportunities for similar content promotion can cost as much as $1 per click, the Lincoln & Grant is totally free.

Second, being a part of Lincoln & Grant’s affiliate network significantly improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. The Lincoln & Grant network creates an immediate increase in links back to your website, leading to immediate improvement of your position in search results.

We have created multiple content widgets designed to help you introduce your readers to other certified members of the network and allow them to introduce their readers to you.  The links in these widgets (designed to go on your side rail and underneath your articles or posts) contain headlines of related stories from other content partners. 

Generally, these links will be organically created based on the type of content most interesting to the user, based on the articles that they’ve previously read.  On occasion, we will allow a certified partner the opportunity to secure a placement within these links across the network through sponsorship.  We do promise to keep these sponsored links at a minimum and will clearly indicate to a user which headlines are sponsored versus those that are organic

Integration is simple. We will provide you with a single line of code to place in the header of your site.  Not sure how to do that?  No problem, we’re happy to help. We even have a WordPress plugin that can do it for you. Once that’s done, we take care of everything else and will have you integrated into the network in no time. 

Yes! If you’d like to become a curator, let us know and we can introduce you to some exciting opportunities to leverage our curation system. We offer significant discounts for those who are using our widgets on their website.

As a curator, you can create your own content feeds to populate the widget on your site.  Plus, your curated feed can be followed by other curators, introducing them to the content that you find most valuable.

Our priority is to drive traffic to your website. In order to keep working towards that goal, we ask for the ability to collect data from each visitor to your website. We don’t ask for personally identifiable information and will always keep you up to date on changes to our privacy policy.

Also, we ask that you promote yourself as part of the network and participate in network-wide marketing programs that exist to help grow the entire network.

Need a new website? We are happy to help and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.  Plus, your new site will already be integrated with the Lincoln & Grant network.

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